June 16th, 2020

20+ hrs on a plane with no getting off sucks. But I am finally here, well I've been here but I am just now getting to post something about it. I figured since I have nothing to do for the next two weeks while I'm stuck in quaratine, I might as well make some website stuff.

I still need to make more stuff like an art gallery, and maybe a place for all my little songs that I have made and what not. Maybe I should make like an actual todo list for this website.

These are just some random ideas for now, but maybe over the week I will begin to work on them. But I also have school going, and a couple of books to go through. Among them is a C++ programming book that I really wanna dig into, so maybe I can make some cool stuff that I can implement into a webpage or something? Idk anything about C++ tho, but Im sure it has some cool implementations into web dev stuff. Maybe.

June 12th, 2020

Well, in under 24hrs now I will be jumping on an airplane on my first deployment. Originally this was all supposed to happen in April/May, but corona kindof put everything on hold. Unfortunatley this put many of my hobbies on hold as well. Getting ready for deployment in conjunction with schoolwork piling up has been leaving me pretty drained. I hope while I'm over seas I get bored enough to indulge a bit more in my hobbies and the like. I will have internet (Google Fi) and my laptop with me, but who knows. I would like to make updates to how my experience goes on here, but I think I might just make another webpage for it specifically, make it all desert themed ooo. I say that now, but who knows if I'll actually have the motivation haha.

April 1st, 2020 @ 1052

Later tonight I will be working on this website more, I'm going to make a gallery portion where I can put all my art work stuff, and I also will be making a thing for some music stuff I've made over the past couple years. I will be continuing to do more arts and music stuff. But I really wanted a place where I could put it all in one place- and with a little bit of style~

I plan on making a little piece of art for the banner too instead of having it be just plain text. Not sure If I'll change the title or not who knows. I also want to make some cute art to add to the sides of some characters or maybe some space aliens wrapping around the edges of the posts. All depends on if I get lazy or not lmao.

March 28th, 2020 @ 0245

So, for some reason I decided to start a little blog for myself. Haphazardly I stayed up till- now, working on this website layout from scratch, and am just now getting to writing the actual post. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about writing these everytime quite yet either. A lot of these will be just my own ramblings about current events or otherwise, but I also want to make this for projects that I may be working on, art, music, etc. I'm not really making this for anyone but myself, but I know others may find this, I might show a few close friends. Who knows.

Bam, wow, look at that, some art I just made recently. Some of which I'm kinda proud of. (I just needed to see if pictures wouldnt break these posts.)

As for projects that might show up on this blog, it'll most likey be something akin to either programming, sewing, gardening, or arts. But it could also be something totally different, out of the blue. I tend to do a bunchof random stuff and have way too many hobbies. So hopefully this will be a good place to hash them out and sort of keep inventory. As for now, I'm going to wrap this up and take a fat nap. I'm pretty tired. zzz